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MetaCrawler: An Innovation During Innovative Times

Have you ever dreamt about having your favorite search engines accessed through one search? Maybe you feel like sometimes you get great results on one site and other times you prefer what a different engine pulls up. What if there was a site that utilized all the major search engine data bases to form the pool from which you gather results from? The truth is there happens to be one called Metacrawler.

Where Did This Engine Get Its Start?

1994 and at the University of Washington, and in its original conception there were a few things that were kept in mind. These were regarding how it would gather semantics from search engines at the time. Before long it was easily realized the tool was useful of its own accord. It started gaining recognition and use. By 1995 it was tapping into a substantial amount of bandwidth and therefore it became obvious they needed a business model that laid out their plans for dealing with other search engines they were forwarding queries to.

Multimedia Searches

With its advanced technology a person can easily use Metacrawler to look for videos, audio files and the news. In addition to this its search provisions can be used to find such a wide range of results that a person will have ample information to go through when they are on the hunt for anything. It shortens the amount of time anyone needs in order to do research online as well.

MetaCrawler isn’t just a search site; it’s a way of searching queries as well. Instead of being a web crawler that browses through sites first hand, this site shortens the steps by just searching through the other professional search sites and the results they have shared. Users of Metacrawler are often very excited with the results they get because the site uses such a variety of sources to get their information from. All this variety makes the results more useful and well rounded.

How Does It Work:

When you perform a search on Metacrawler you will get your results on the left hand side of the page, laid out in similar fashion to many of the popular search sites. There will be a small bar that tells you which search engines your results have been pooled from in the center of the page. In addition to this on the right side you will find several suggestions prompting you of what you may have been looking for. You will also find a highlighted box of the current popular searches giving you fuel for further investigations. Both of these surfing tools are crisp and easy to see and use.

As far as filters go you can select from no moderation in which all results, including those that might be obscene or full of adult content are included in the results found; to heavy moderation. It is very easy to make these selections and the menu for it is found in the upper right corner. In this area a user finds a neatly laid out menu helping them to decide the layout of how they receive their search results. How many do they want to come to one page? Recent searches can be turned on or off as well as keywords bolded. It’s a general administrative page but is easily located. The availability of these simple suggestions can go a long way to making your internet surfing a more relaxing and enjoyable experience in general.

This simply isn’t where Metacrawler shines though. It’s with the results listings that users benefit the most from. They are laid out as one would find in any of the large search engines; paid for advertisements at the top with algorithmic (or organic) results being pulled up following these. What is so unique to this search engine is that under the main heading for each result is the search engine the result was found through. This can be an interesting tool for anyone who is planning on getting their feet wet with internet marketing.

The Search To Get Rankings With Metacrawler

With this long race of search engines clambering to get the fastest results there has been another race going on as well. Websites have caught onto the fact that in order to get traffic they have to be brought up in these searches and not just any searches. Searches for keyword phrases that are relevant to what the site provides should draw a website onto the first page of listed results. This is how a site will get more traffic and eventually more customers. This kind of marketing is what makes Metacrawler even more useful


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